SOA Certified Architect

As of this week I am a SOA Certified Architect (Arcitura™) after passing exam S90.09 (SOA Design & Architecture Lab), which was the last of in total 5 exams. The SOA Architect certification is part of the SOA Certified Professional program which is dedicated to excellence in the field of SOA and service-oriented computing and was developed in cooperation with best-selling SOA author Thomas Erl and several major SOA organizations and academic institutions. For the ones out there planning to take this exam, it is a fairly simple exam with 20 multiple choice questions but requires a lot of (re)reading. For a non-native English speaker it can be challenging to understand every part of the given context.

There are no new topics passing by that will require extensive studying, however you need to recap all of the fundamental and advanced SOA Design Patterns which were part of exam S90.08 and be able to apply them to a given problem.

So it is very important to be able to recognize a problem and correlate this to the most applicable design pattern that will most likely resolve the problem. The study module for S90.09 will provide you with several lab exercises to help you gain this understanding, so make good use of it.

Good luck!



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