Up Next.. Cloud Computing!

Cloud computing is an example of an innovative, sustaining and disruptive concept that I really find very interesting. Cloud computing enables companies to consume computing resources as a utility in the same way as they are consuming electricity or gas.

This has several benefits which are not only limited to the financial aspects. Cloud computing services can be private, public or both (hybrid) and can be generally divided into three categorieS: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Since this is as far as my knowledge (currently) reaches I will be doing a small vendor-neutral program from the Arcitura™ Cloud School to gain a better insight.

The Cloud Certified Professional (CCP™) program is dedicated to excellence in the fields of cloud computing technology, architecture, security, governance and capacity. I will be doing the first two modules (Cloud Certified Professional):

Module 1: Fundamental Cloud Computing
“This foundational course provides end-to-end coverage of fundamental cloud computing topics as they pertain to both technology and business considerations. The course content is divided into a series of modular sections, each of which is accompanied by one or more hands-on exercises.”

Module 2: Cloud Technology Concepts
“This course explores a range of the most important and relevant technology-related topics that pertain to contemporary cloud computing platforms. The course content does not get into implementation or programming details, but instead keeps coverage at a conceptual level, focusing on topics that address cloud service architecture, cloud security threats and technologies, virtualization and data processing.”

By doing this small course I hope to comprehend the fundamental basics of cloud computing and all related concepts. As part of these modules I will also be taking the exams as a knowledge-assessment. I will be blogging about the concept and my experiences with the modules next year. To be continued!



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