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TIBCO on Docker: How to create, instantiate and start a TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition (BWCE) application Docker Image?

When trying to create a Docker application image based on a TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition (from now on TIBCO BWCE) application (helloWorld_1.0.0.ear) and a corresponding Dockerfile one will notice that the base docker image (tibco/bwce:latest) has not been made publicly available by TIBCO.


Developed by John O’Hara from JPMorgan AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) sets a standard on how messages should be structured and transmitted. Goal is to solve the problem of interoperability by providing a truly interoperable, cross-platform messaging standard. Is this the next messaging standard?

Internet of Things, Big Data and OpenAPI

With Internet of Things, also known as IoT the world is changing at a faster rate than any time before. We see the arise of all kind of “connected” devices, whether it’s you smart phone (obviously!), your watch or even you car. These devices will be connected 24 hours a day, 7 days per week […]