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TIBCO NOW 2017 – Berlin, Digital Smarter!

As an technology enthusiast with a strong focus on the latest development of innovative, sustaining and disruptive concepts and technologies, I could not be missing this year on TIBCO NOW 2017, the annual conference of one of the most advanced software suppliers from Silicon Valley, TIBCO. The event venue this year was Berlin, the theme […]

RESTful APIs: Paging using “_links” array in JSON document

At one of our customers I am currently facing the challenge what to do when the data collection behind a certain RESTful API becomes to extensive to handle in a single hit. Introducing filtering and paging using query parameters is of course the answer to this, but this also implicates that you will need to […]

API Management as an enabler for a Smooth Cloud Transition

Today was again a very exciting day at one of our customers (despite the Monday). As an integration architect I am currently working on the next-gen integration architecture in which cloud strategy is a very crucial part (among APIs, Microservices, Data Virtualization etc.). All concepts and technologies in the new world are closely related to each other (or […]