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Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization is basically a data-integration solution that allows an application to retrieve and transform data without having to know how it is formatted at source or where it is physically located. Today many organizations choose to implement best-of-breed products instead of best-of-suite, this has significant impact on the landscape in the sense that it […]

Real World Situational Awareness

Big Data is fun, everyone is talking about it and although it fell off the hype cycle last year it’s bigger than ever. Big Data tends to be joining other trends like decision management, machine learning, autonomous vehicles, prediction markets and in-memory realtime analytics.

Big Data = Hadoop?

You can’t have a conversation about Big Data nowadays without talking about Hadoop. This open-source software platform has become synonymous with Big Data. But what exactly is Hadoop?

Integrate Hadoop within your enterprise using TIBCO’s ActiveMatrix BusinessWork Plug-in for Big Data!

The TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Plug-in for Big Data facilitates the connectivity between your Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Hadoop (Apache Hive and Apache Pig).


A short while ago I got the question from a customer that wanted to know the differences between TIBCO Hawk and TIBCO BWPM (BusinessWorks Process Monitor), since both are monitoring products from TIBCO. In this blog I will be briefly explaining my point of view and recommendations about when to use which product, which in my […]

About data within the trending topic Big Data..

Nowadays everyone is talking about social media, twitter, digitalization of the society including internet of things (IoT) and of course big data! It seem to be a trending topic within IT, everyone is talking about it but yet has to arrive at most of the customer sites. In this blog I would like to explain […]