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TIBCO NOW 2017 – Berlin, Digital Smarter!

As an technology enthusiast with a strong focus on the latest development of innovative, sustaining and disruptive concepts and technologies, I could not be missing this year on TIBCO NOW 2017, the annual conference of one of the most advanced software suppliers from Silicon Valley, TIBCO. The event venue this year was Berlin, the theme […]

Integration in the New World: Interconnecting Everything and Everyone

We all agree that customer-centric digital businesses and the up rise of connected devices (hyper connectivity) opens up endless opportunities and possibilities for organizations. The movement of interconnecting everything and everyone (Partners, IoT devices, Big Data, Mobile, Social, SaaS, PaaS) should not be taken lightly and will be having significant impact on the size of ecosystems and modern application architectures. […]

Cloud Deployment Models

In this blog post I would like to cover the common cloud deployment models, which should be part of the basic knowledge of each IT professional working with a cloud environment to a certain extent. What is a cloud deployment model? “A cloud deployment model represents a specific type of cloud environment, primarily distinguished by […]

Exam C90.02: Cloud Technology Concepts

Today I successfully passed the second exam (exam C90.02: Cloud Technology Concepts) with honors as part of the Cloud Certified Professional (CCP) program by Arcitura.

Cloud Delivery Models

In this blogpost I will describe the three common cloud delivery models which is absolutely basic knowledge when it comes to cloud computing. What is a cloud delivery model? “A cloud delivery model represents a specific combination of IT resources offered by a cloud provider. This terminology is typically asociated with cloud computing and frequently […]

Cloud Characteristics

This blogpost will be all about cloud characteristics. These characteristics describe features and behavior of an IT-environment to be considered an effective cloud. These characteristics will set apart true cloud providers from providers only claiming to offer cloud services.