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3scale/NGINX: How to change the location of user-key from query parameters (insecure) to the more secure HTTP(S) headers in 3scale/NGINX?

This is the first of hopefully many “howto’s” in setting up and configuring API Management platforms. In this blogpost I will be explaining how to change the location of the user-key from the default query parameters (insecure) section to the more secure HTTP(S) headers in the product combination Red Hat 3scale (API Management Platform) and […]

API Management as an enabler for a Smooth Cloud Transition

Today was again a very exciting day at one of our customers (despite the Monday). As an integration architect I am currently working on the next-gen integration architecture in which cloud strategy is a very crucial part (among APIs, Microservices, Data Virtualization etc.). All concepts and technologies in the new world are closely related to each other (or […]