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Integration in the New World: Interconnecting Everything and Everyone

We all agree that customer-centric digital businesses and the up rise of connected devices (hyper connectivity) opens up endless opportunities and possibilities for organizations. The movement of interconnecting everything and everyone (Partners, IoT devices, Big Data, Mobile, Social, SaaS, PaaS) should not be taken lightly and will be having significant impact on the size of ecosystems and modern application architectures. […]


Developed by John O’Hara from JPMorgan AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) sets a standard on how messages should be structured and transmitted. Goal is to solve the problem of interoperability by providing a truly interoperable, cross-platform messaging standard. Is this the next messaging standard?

SOA Certified Architect

As of this week I am a SOA Certified Architect (Arcitura™) after passing exam S90.09 (SOA Design & Architecture Lab), which was the last of in total 5 exams. The SOA Architect certification is part of the SOA Certified Professional program which is dedicated to excellence in the field of SOA and service-oriented computing and was developed in cooperation with best-selling SOA author […]

Service Catalog, what is it and what is it’s purpose?

In this blogpost I will be briefly explaining what a service catalog is and what the function is as part of a service-oriented architecture. The inspiration for this blogpost comes from a project that I am currently leading in which I am implementing a Service Catalog for a customer.

Internet of Things, Big Data and OpenAPI

With Internet of Things, also known as IoT the world is changing at a faster rate than any time before. We see the arise of all kind of “connected” devices, whether it’s you smart phone (obviously!), your watch or even you car. These devices will be connected 24 hours a day, 7 days per week […]

Microservices, just another buzzword?

Why is everybody talking about microservices these days? It seems to be the solution to everything whereas in my opinion it’s nothing else than what SOA services were intended to be in the first place.


A short while ago I got the question from a customer that wanted to know the differences between TIBCO Hawk and TIBCO BWPM (BusinessWorks Process Monitor), since both are monitoring products from TIBCO. In this blog I will be briefly explaining my point of view and recommendations about when to use which product, which in my […]